Longhope Perry Pear blossomThe Gloucestershire Orchard Trust was originally formed as an independent association in 2001 and it is now a registered charity, no. 1137917. It aims to conserve, promote and celebrate traditional orchards in the county of Gloucestershire. We offer information on creating or restoring traditional orchards, Gloucestershire fruit varieties, nurseries, events run by the Trust and how to join.

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Heritage Apple Taste Test Results

These Taste Test results should assist in helping you decide which Gloucestershire apple trees to buy. You can also taste heritage apples at some Apple Day events and particularly at Stroud Farmers Market (first 3 Saturdays of the month) and Bristol Farmers Markets (every Wednesday) where Days Cottage/GOG Chairman Dave Kaspar is selling. GOG members also get invited to their very own Apple Day for tastings (tempted? see Membership page for joining GOG!)
Want to buy Gloucestershire fruit trees? Look no further than our extensive Nursery list on the Directories page here!
Thanks to our Juliet Bailey for compiling the Taste Test results.
Taste Test all results
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Hartpury Perry Pear Festival

Hartpury Heritage Trust Perry Festival 17 Sept 2011
(Photos by Ann Smith, GOG, with thanks to Jim Chapman)
Largest Perry Pear Display in the World (90+), celebrating our unique Three Counties Heritage!
RainbowsEnd at Blackwells EndHartpuryPerryFestival17Sep11 017.jpg
RainbowsEnd at Blackwells EndHartpuryPerryFestival17Sep11 017.jpg (18.95 KiB) Viewed 7144 times
AlbertRixenPressHartpuryPerryFestival17Sep11 011.jpg
AlbertRixenPressHartpuryPerryFestival17Sep11 011.jpg (35.09 KiB) Viewed 7144 times
HartpuryHeritageTrustPerryFestival17Sep11 005.jpg
HartpuryHeritageTrustPerryFestival17Sep11 005.jpg (28.33 KiB) Viewed 7144 times
GOG and Bee Tent HartpuryPerryFestival17Sep11 004.jpg
GOG and Bee Tent HartpuryPerryFestival17Sep11 004.jpg (29.62 KiB) Viewed 7144 times
CharlesMartell&GeorgeLewisPerryDistillationHartpuryPerryFestival17Sep11 008.jpg
CharlesMartell&GeorgeLewisPerryDistillationHartpuryPerryFestival17Sep11 008.jpg (26.18 KiB) Viewed 7144 times
HartpuryPerryFestival17Sep11 007.jpg
HartpuryPerryFestival17Sep11 007.jpg (23.9 KiB) Viewed 7144 times
CharlesMartell&JimChapmanHartpuryPerryFestival17Sep11 006.jpg
CharlesMartell&JimChapmanHartpuryPerryFestival17Sep11 006.jpg (24.58 KiB) Viewed 7144 times
In full swing HartpuryPerryFestival17Sep11 010.jpg
In full swing HartpuryPerryFestival17Sep11 010.jpg (33.98 KiB) Viewed 7144 times
by Ann Smith
Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:56 pm
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GOG at Plum Festival Harts Barn Cookery School 2011

GOG at Plum Festival Harts Barn 2011
PlumFestivalHartsBarn20&21Aug2011 004.jpg
Plum Festival 2011 Longhope
PlumFestivalHartsBarn20&21Aug2011 004.jpg (472.4 KiB) Viewed 4847 times
PlumFestivalHartsBarn20&21Aug2011 001.jpg
PlumFestivalHartsBarn20&21Aug2011 001.jpg (473.17 KiB) Viewed 4847 times
by Ann Smith
Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:03 am
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Hartpury Orchard Centre

Hartpury Heritage Trust
Hartpury Orchard Centre
perry_centre.jpg (103.59 KiB) Viewed 5128 times
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Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:49 am
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Perry Pear Days

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PERRY PEAR DAYS - Hartpury and Malvern

IN PRAISE of the

home of the national collection of perry pear trees



OVER 50 varieties on display
( weather & CROPS PERMITTING ! )

Have you ever seen a red fleshed perry pear, or seen all the wonderful names - many local - that they have?

BUY PERRY and CIDER - bottled and draught
ENJOY ORCHARD LUNCHES and TEAS, including Gloucester Old Spot sausages
with wildlife ponds, Gloucester Cattle and Ryeland Sheep

admission £2, children free
http://www.tasteandexplore.com for directions

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th September 2011 in the New Orchard Pavilion.
You can bring your perry pear samples for identification (there may be a small charge for this).
GOG will also be having a stand at the Malvern Show, near the Heritage Hartpury Trust and Perry stands, so look out for us!
by Ann Smith
Mon Sep 12, 2011 11:45 am
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Plum Days/Festival 2011

Plum Crazy Festival on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 August 2011
10am-5pm at Harts Barn Cookery School and Orchards, Longhope, Forest of Dean
Free Entry
Celebrate the Plum! A fun day out for all the family!
Gloucestershire Orchard Group stall with photographs and descriptions of Charles Martell's online book of all 16 Gloucestershire heritage plums and damsons and advice on sources of trees etc.
Orchard Visits
Children's area and activities
Plum Games
Treasure Hunt
Plum Tastings and Sales
Cookery School Demos
Local Produce Stalls and Craft Shop
Cider Tasting
Farm Shop
Award Winning Tea Room
Picnic Area

At Harts Barn Cookery School and Harts Barn Rural Enterprise Centre, Monmouth Road, Longhope, Gloucestershire (Forest of Dean) GL17 0QD http://www.hartsbarncookeryschool.co.uk
Events Coordinator Yvette Farrell yvette@hartsbarncookeryschool.co.uk
01452 830954 Mobile 07914 942967
by Ann Smith
Fri Jul 29, 2011 11:25 am
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Budding Workshops at GOG Orchard Centre, Brookthorpe

Budding Workshops at Gloucestershire Orchard Group Orchard & Rural Skills Centre, Upton Lane, Brookthorpe GL4 0UT (near Gloucester), taught by experienced Dave Kaspar (GOG Chairman).
Learn the art of propagating fruit trees by inserting a bud of your chosen variety in a rootstock. Take your tree home at the end of the session.

Thursday July 21st 2011 10am-1.00pm

Sunday July 24th 2011 10am-1.00pm

Please phone Dave Kaspar/Helen Brent-Smith to book : 01452 813602
£30 (includes one tree, but more can be purchased)

For more information about the Orchard & Rural Skills Centre and directions see http://www.dayscottage.co.uk
You are also welcome to view the rich adjoining Forest Garden.

You can also purchase juice, cider and perry from unsprayed local orchards, including a unique new cider made from 15 heritage Gloucestershire varieties from the Orchard Centre's Museum Apple Orchard. Or you can purchase from Stroud Farmers Market (1st 3 Saturdays of the month) and Bristol Farmers Market (every Wednesday). See http://www.dayscottage.co.uk for more information.

Also see http://www.gloucestershireorchardgroup. ... d-centres/
by Ann Smith
Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:33 am
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An Orchard in Springtime at the Hartpury Orchard Centre

Sat 21st May 2011 10.30am—5pm organized by Hartpury Heritage Trust
Home of the National Collection of Perry Pear trees
A country festival:
stalls/displays by wildlife and countryside organisations including the Gloucestershire Orchard Group
rare breed cows/sheep/pigs
Gloucestershire beekeepers
cider/perry sales
refreshments including rare breed barbecue
country crafts - hurdles/pole lathe etc
morris dancers
wildlife orchard and wetland walks
http://www.tasteandexplore.com jjrchapman@btinternet.com
For map see http://www.cider-academy.co.uk/gloucest ... _map.shtml
by Ann Smith
Thu May 19, 2011 10:33 am
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1st Ever Survey of England’s Trad Orchards from the Air

June 2011 Update from Anita Burrough Peoples Trust for Endangered Species
Please find attached information about the Gloucestershire section of the traditional orchard inventory. The inventory complements other habitat inventories and is available through the Natural England website http://www.gis.naturalengland.org.uk/pu ... gister.asp and via MAGIC http://magic.defra.gov.uk/website/magic/

A full report of the inventory and the project that created it can be found in the NECR077 Natural England Commissioned Report, Traditional orchard project in England – the creation of an inventory to support the UK Habitat Action Plan. (http://naturalengland.etraderstores.com ... op/NECR077).

The report contains full details of the methodology, lists the partners involved, local orchard groups and associated projects and gives the results to date for each county together with information about how it is being used. Summaries for each county are available on our website - the summary for Gloucestershire is attached together with the most recent newsletter from the project. Frequently Asked Questions about the inventory can also be found on our website http://www.ptes.org/orchards.

The funding for this project has now ended but we will continue to recruit volunteers and co-ordinate ground-truthing as many orchards as possible over the next year.

It is now vital that people feed in to this inventory in order to maintain and improve its accuracy, so if you have any local knowledge, for example information about newly planted or restored orchards, that you could share with us to improve the accuracy of the information in your local area, we would be very grateful to receive it.

The data set will continue to be updated regularly as new information comes to us from volunteers, orchard owners, orchard groups, record centres etc.

For further information about the project please visit http://www.ptes.org/orchards or please do not hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions.

I’m so grateful for all the support that we have received for this project. We could not have done it without the help of a great many people so thank you to everyone that has helped us.

June 2011 update
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Press Release by Peoples Trust for Endangered Species http://www.ptes.org
Thursday 5 May 2011
First ever survey of England’s traditional orchards from the air.
Taking a bird’s eye view of England’s traditional orchards has enabled conservationists to put one of the most important wildlife habitats back on the map.

A five year research project by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) has used aerial photographs to produce a unique inventory of England’s traditional orchards - a UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) Priority Habitat. The study funded by Natural England, the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and PTES, has for the first time established the location, condition, age, boundaries and management status of dwindling traditional orchards to support the Habitat Action Plan (HAP) and provides a much-needed baseline of data from which to focus future conservation action. The traditional orchard habitat has been identified as having great biodiversity value, but until now information about the amount of traditional orchard habitat remaining in England has been out-dated and incomplete. Aerial photography provides researchers with a unique perspective; orchards can often be spotted by their planting patterns, as the trees tend to be growing in equally spaced lines. Conservationists set about scouring 3.5 million hectares of the English countryside and this painstaking investigation has located 35,378 traditional orchards across 51 counties, equating to 16,990 hectares of habitat.

The project has involved over 600 local volunteers who, with training from PTES have helped to survey a proportion (19%) of the orchards on the ground, recording the species, age and condition of the fruit trees – and contributing some 563 volunteer days to the project - the equivalent of over 18 months of work. The fieldwork analysis reveals that overall only 9% of England’s traditional orchards are in excellent condition, while 46% are in good condition and 45% are in poor condition.

Even more useful in terms of long-term stewardship, is that this report also provides a picture of the state of English orchards at the county level - allowing comparisons of the condition of traditional orchards to be made between any of the 51 counties included in the research. The study has also attempted to gather information from orchard owners throughout the country resulting in the collection of 764 orchard owner questionnaires providing valuable insights at a local level.

Anita Burrough, PTES Orchard Officer, who led the project team, says:
“We are proud to have completed this important inventory which for the first time gives
us a true picture of the state of traditional orchards. The mosaic of habitats that
comprise a traditional orchard provide food and shelter for at least 1,800 species of
wildlife, including the rare noble chafer beetle which relies on the decaying wood of old
fruit trees. With this loss of habitat, we also face losing rare English fruit varieties,
traditions, customs and knowledge, in addition to the genetic diversity represented by
the hundreds of species that are associated with traditional orchards”.

Dr Peter Brotherton, Head of Biodiversity for Natural England, said: “Traditional orchards
can be biodiversity hot spots, but without proper protection and sensitive management,
they can easily slip into decline. Up until now, many of these biodiversity goldmines
were quietly deteriorating in forgotten corners of the countryside, becoming overgrown
or being lost altogether. This research has enabled us to pin point their precise location,
allowing conservationists to work with local communities and landowners in helping to
keep these special sites buzzing with wildlife”.

Characteristically traditional orchards consist of a low density of trees set in seminatural, mainly herbaceous, vegetation. They are cultivated using low-intensity methods such as the absence of pesticides and the use of grazing animals instead of machines for mowing. This important habitat is becoming rare as we rely increasingly on imports to provide cheap fruit throughout the year. This has left the traditional orchard habitat, an intrinsic feature of the English countryside, at risk from neglect, intensification of agriculture and pressure from land development.

The value of this vital inventory is demonstrated by the range of practical ways in which
it will be used including:
    Habitat restoration and creation
    Identifying orchards in local planning policies and development control
    Integrating habitat information and species distribution to support conservation
    Working in partnership with orchard owners to provide advice and practical
    Targeting Environmental Stewardship scheme options for management of
    traditional orchards.

The survey revealed that around 2831.55 hectares of England’s traditional orchards are currently within Environmental Stewardship schemes. Plans are underway to extend this study to Wales depending on the announcement of further funding.
- Ends -
For more information, to arrange interviews, or obtain images
please call Jane Bevan or Susannah Penn at Firebird PR on 01235 835297/ 07977 459 547
Notes for Editors
· Individual results for the 51 counties surveyed in this inventory are available including
distribution maps
· A UK Traditional Orchards Habitat Action Plan Group has been set up and work is underway
on developing the Action Plan. Natural England and the National Trust are leading this early
work, with the support of the People’s Trust for Endangered Species and other organisations
such as Common Ground, the Ancient Tree Forum, the Royal Society for the Protection of
Birds and the other UK statutory conservation agencies. This UK HAP Group has
recognised that producing an inventory of traditional orchards is a very high priority.

The Gloucestershire Orchard Group has been instrumental in assisting with these orchard surveys and outreach in Gloucestershire. For a survey form please contact PTES or the Gloucestershire Orchard Group. Leaflets are also available from either, entitled:
Traditional Orchards - a guide to wildlife and management
Noble Chafer Fact File
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