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New GOT website

Postby GOT » Wed May 17, 2017 10:30 pm

We are currently working on an exciting new GOT website, which will replace this one in due course. The full changeover will be gradual, as there is a lot of information to move from one to the other and we will be reviewing and updating all the information as we go. But for news and events we hope to make the full change fairly soon, so do visit the new site and see what's there, as it will become the main place to go for updates soon.

The new website is on a completely new hosting system and a new address We hope to be linking the site to a range of social media - including Facebook and Twitter - to help promote GOT and the traditional orchard cause. This will involve some 'freshening' of the GOT branding and logo, so you may see various options being trialled over the next few weeks.

The new site is live now, but incomplete. Do visit and let us know your thoughts - there will be a feedback form linked from the front page soon. This is what it looks like at present:

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